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For over 40 years, 13D has explored pivotal themes, covering topics that inform and shape both our world and investment landscape. Please enjoy our complimentary “What I Learned This Week” articles. These insights offer valuable perspectives and provide you with timely and relevant information. 

Meet Kiril Sokoloff

Kiril Sokoloff founded 13D Research & Strategy in 1983. For decades, he has been an active yet low-profile global investment strategist, thought leader, and visionary.

Meet the Experts Present at the Event

Woodley B. Preucil, CFA
Anurag Bansal
Tamra James
Billy Iopolous
Joanna Archibald
Jenna Elliott

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High Conviction Themes

We have written over 12,000 articles in the past three decades on a variety of investment themes with our weekly flagship publication, What I Learned This Week. Our weekly companion publication, What Are The Markets Telling Us, offers in depth technical analysis of emerging trends within the markets. Below are a few highly-abridged examples of our recent research under a few select themes.

Tech Arms Race

We have argued since 2016 that the escalating tech-arms race between the U.S. and China will determine the global leaders of the 21st century.


We have been following automation closely since 2011 and have published hundreds of reports focusing on different aspects of the subject. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and 3D printers are key component technologies of our automation theme.


This commodity bull market will likely last much longer than the ones that preceded it because many of its drivers are self-reinforcing. These include:  underinvestment in new supply, rising energy costs, emerging-market development, ESG and the green-energy transition, resource nationalism and producer pricing power, water stress, labor shortages, and massive deficit spending undermining the purchasing power of the dollar.


How will Bitcoin figure in Great Power competition and de-dollarization?

Teen Mental Health | Technology & Social Media

The explosion of social networks and mobile technology is not only “rewiring” the developing brains of our children, but leading to depression and isolation. What are the implications and can we stop it?