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E.B. Tucker

Director, Metalla Royalty and Streaming Ltd., a 13D client for seven years.

You can’t possibly cover everything in the world as an independent investor and portfolio manager, but
when you have someone that has a staff dedicated to doing that, it gives you an incredible edge.

Morris Sachs

Former Head of Proprietary Trading, Greenwich Capital Markets

I’m a 13D reader because I became very impressed with the story of Kiril Sokoloff. A former colleague had recommended Kiril’s, I guess it was his autobiography, and
the amazing story of his experience becoming deaf as an adult. And even though it was a relatively short book, once I finished it, I
just had to know more about this guy, and I signed up for the
newsletter. And the more I read, the more I wanted to read and over the years it’s gotten to be my go-to.

Jeff Everett

professional investor, and CIO of a major money management firm and a 13D client for nearly two decades.

Your ability to travel across decades and the ability to contextualize and put into perspective, across years, through personal experience, you’ve known the players, you’ve known the issues, you’ve known the mistakes, the wins the losses, is just invaluable. People want a sense of community. And to me, 13D gives that to people. I think we all feel a sense of community. You care for your readers. You want your readers to flourish, not just as investors, or leaders, but as humans. And that comes through. And that is really unique. In many ways you are irreplaceable.

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

A top performance expert and psychic advisor for conscious leaders in more than 28 countries.

As a conscious top performance expert and psychic advisor for conscious leaders in more than 28 countries, I have promoted conscious leadership in nearly two decades. So, it’s with my greatest conviction that I call Kiril Sokoloff an unparalleled conscious visionary. Kiril and I met in our shared passion for raising human consciousness, and in all our conversations, Kiril never ceased to amaze me with his profound wisdom and understanding of history, human evolution, and of the possibilities in and for the future. He is in a league of his own, and he is needed. We are at a crucial crossroad in history.

Prem Watsa

Founder, Chairman & CEO, Fairfax Financial Holdings, known as “the Warren Buffett of Canada”

13D, the material that you publish is outstanding, excellent. A wide range of topics from, of course, investing, economics, history, including looking after your health. You send it every week, I find that I am waiting for it, ready to read it.

Robert Rozenkranz

Founder & CEO, Delphi Financial Group, a 13D reader for 30 years.

I’ve always found it very valuable. So much of what one reads in the press and in analyst coverage these days is simply what consensus thinking is. 13D has been a valuable source of contrarian thinking. The other thing that 13D has gotten right is some very big themes. So one of the ideas that has been recurring is this notion that we’re going from a cycle that favors wealth accumulation to a cycle that favors wealth redistribution. Kiril’s been writing about this, or 13D has been writing about it for a couple of years. It’s a very helpful framework for trying to understand what’s going on.