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Asian 5G suppliers received a boost by the U.K. decision on Huawei. They will further benefit as private 5G networks, where China is a leader, are rolled out.

New standards on private networks will be released in June, which could reinvent communications technology across large enterprises. In WILTW January 9, 2020, we argued that Huawei was winning the 5G trade war, posting 18% revenue growth to a record $122 billion in 2019 despite being on the U.S. “Entity list,” and is successfully shifting its supply chain away from U.S. technology. As a result, Asian 5G suppliers are seeing booming new orders. So far, the markets are confirming with our 5G Asian recommendations gaining 6.3%, on average, versus 0.0% for the S&P 500 index and 2.3% loss for the BlueStar 5G Communications Index (BFIVGTR). This week, the U.K. government snubbed the Trump Adm…

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