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The rise of on-device AI and its convergence with the IoT is beginning to drive massive productivity gains and innovation. How to invest.

We have tracked the developments in the IoT and AI since the start of this decade (see WILTWs July 22, 2010 and November 10, 2011). The international market for connected devices is on-track to reach $1.7 trillion this year, notes CB Insights. Currently, 127 new IoT devices (wearables, industrial sensors, home appliances, etc.) are connected online every second, calculates McKinsey. Driving adoption is the rapidly-declining cost of sensors and connectivity combined with the economic value of the insights delivered by the IoT. AI plays a key role in IoT networks (AIoT) by analyzing data generated by remote devices and delivering actionable insights. Forrester estimates that 60% to 73% of d…

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