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The 5G race is escalating. Could the FCC’s commercialization of mid-band airwaves and the advent of dynamic spectrum-sharing technology help the U.S. catch-up with China? How to invest.

At the end of 2Q 2019, there were 31 commercial 5G service launches in 17 countries, less than a year since the first deployment. In contrast, it took about three years to begin deployment of 4G and four years to attain a large number of launches, notes IHS Market. South Korea already has over two million 5G subscribers. Despite the Trump Administration’s trade war initiatives, China has not slowed its 5G rollout. China’s three main wireless operators are expected to switch on the world’s largest 5G networks this month. China Unicom and China Mobile already have nearly 10 million 5G service preorders. Most of the world also remains non-committal on banning Huawei’s components from 5G n…

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