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Edge computing and 5G will fundamentally restructure the global cloud sector. New winners and losers will follow. How to invest.

In WILTW October 23, 2014 and September 21, 2017, we explored the implications of the emerging-edge computing era. Last week, we attended “The Big 5G” conference in Denver. A major takeaway was that edge computing is a multiplier for 5G, as the next-generation wireless technology will not be able to meet the performance goals of 1 to 5 millisecond (ms) latency and massive bandwidth without the new cloud architecture. Edge computing enables connected devices to process data closer to where it is created. The current cloud architecture of sending all data from mobile devices to big data centers is obsolete, as latency is too high for “real-time” 5G applications. Real-world latency on 4G LTE…

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