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“The biggest surprise in the next three years will be augmented reality.” 5G is the key-enabling technology that will drive industrial strength AR to scale. How to invest.

The preceding paraphrased quote by Dr. Peter H. Diamandis at a recent Ray Kurzweil event we attended highlights the inflection point of augmented reality (AR) is approaching. AR overlays digital data on a live view of a physical real-world environment using “smartglasses,” and is a potential trillion-dollar industry. AR is a foundation technology that could ultimately supplant the ubiquitous smartphone. Presently, many first-generation high-end AR/VR devices need a wired headset connected to a powerful computer with a graphics card, making it inconvenient to use. 5G will enable the required processing, storage, and powerful graphic cards to move to the cloud, freeing the headset from wires…

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