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The enormity of the 5G revolution in one stat: In 2018, the globe generated 33 Zettabytes (ZB) of data. By 2025, that number will skyrocket to 175 ZB.

The stat above comes from a recently released IDC report, “The Digitization of the World”. To put things in perspective, one ZB—or one trillion gigabytes—roughly equals the storage capacity of 250 billion DVDs. If you stored today’s entire Datasphere—IDC’s term for the global world of data—on DVDs, the stack could reach the moon 23 times. IDC calculated their 2018 estimate based on “over 70 categories of content creation/capture devices, including embedded systems in devices like automobiles, gasoline pumps, vending machines, and kiosks,” which were “sized by geography and industry”. IDC’s device list included: Source: IDC In part, the explosive growth in global data…

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