Who Reads 13D? 

Our clients range from individual readers to large institutions with thousands of professionals, and include: Money managers, hedge funds, family offices, global corporations and their boards, endowments, trusts, global banks, real estate developers, private equity and venture capital firms, CEOs, small business owners, and high-net-worth individuals.

13D has a unique and loyal global following. What I Learned This Week (WILTW) is translated into Chinese each week for our Asian audience.

Our clients look to 13D for many things, key among them:

Making sense of today’s volatility and finding a path to preserving and growing wealth.

A Unique Perspective
Vantage points that make visible what usually goes unseen.

A filter that helps segregate what’s really important.

Putting The
Big Picture Together

“What does it all mean
and how do I invest?”

Catching The
Big Secular Trends

A relentless pursuit of

Our readers like to be pushed outside of traditional modalities of thinking.