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WILTW - October 8, 2020
In recent years, we have written extensively about the decentralization movement (see WILTW October 11, 2018). Centralized technologies have proven vulnerable to bad actors and ever-intensifying environmental disasters. Meanwhile, excessive corporate... more
WILTW - September 3, 2020
We have been tracking the developments in the electric vehicle (EV) industry for many years. Falling battery prices, technological advancements allowing more miles per unit of charge, and the commitment of several governments to reduce carbon emissio... more
WILTW - September 3, 2020
In WILTWs March 5, 2020, March 26, 2020, April 2, 2020, April 9, 2020, and May 7, 2020, we argued that rapid-health screening and infectious-disease testing is a new multi-billion-dollar industry in the making, and the only way to safely reopen econo... more
WILTW - May 7, 2020
Last month, a major obstacle to the development of China’s indigenous aerospace industry appeared to be removed when the Trump administration granted a license to General Electric (GE US, $ 6.20), enabling it to supply its CFM LEAP-1C engines for Chi... more
WILTW - February 20, 2020
In WILTWs August 19 and September 19, 2019, we summarized the major forces driving China’s indigenous software/IT industry. These can be summarized, as follows: 1) the organic growth of software/IT industry is much higher than China’s overall GDP gro... more
WILTW - January 16, 2020
As we’ve written previously, we are neither bitcoin evangelists nor skeptics. We have entered the crypto debate only when we saw evidence concrete and compelling enough to reach a credible conclusion. We saw it in September of 2017 when euphoria appe... more
WILTW - January 16, 2020
We have tracked the alternative energy sector since 2003 and everywhere we look on the renewables landscape costs are falling exponentially. Solar and wind are now the cheapest option for two-thirds of the world and are increasingly competing based-o... more
WILTW - January 9, 2020
As we have written many times in the past 18-months, 5G is a modern-day equivalent of the moon race writ large. The multi-trillion-dollar global buildout of 5G wireless is one of the largest infrastructure projects ever, and the most important techno... more
WILTW - January 9, 2020
According to a recent Bank of America estimate, $20 trillion will flow into ESG funds over the next two decades. That will add to the $11.5 trillion in the U.S. and the more than $30 trillion globally that is already held in sustainable or green inve... more

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