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Woodley B. Preucil, CFA

Senior Managing Director, 13D Global Strategy & Research

Woodley “Woody” Preucil has been associated with 13D for over 30 years. Woody has been instrumental in driving the growth of 13D’s business for three decades by being actively involved in the identification, development, and analysis of many of the firm’s core investment themes—primarily focusing on how disruptive technologies are helping provide solutions to economic problems and transforming industries through the “Law of Accelerating Returns” and Joseph Schumpeter’s “Gales of Creative Destruction.”

Woody and other team members have been consulted by governments periodically to help them improve their economies, such as in 2010, when he and colleagues met with then-President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe Velez and his advisory team about how to digitize the nation’s economy, capitalize on accelerating technology change and leverage the nation’s fertile farmland to help meet the world’s growing food demand.

Woody holds a BA in Economics and Accounting from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1983, earned his CFA certification in 1987, and is a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts and the CFA Institute.