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COVID-19's impact on the cycle of wealth accumulation to wealth redistribution

On September 24, 2020, Senior Manager Director Trevor Noren presented virtually at the Global Business Forum in Banff, Canada. As Richard Haas has said: "The pandemic will accelerate history rather than reshape it." For no megatrend has this statement proved more prophetic than inequality in America. Here's why...

Trevor Noren

Managing Director, 13D Global Strategy & Research

Trevor joined the 13D team in July 2015 after more than twelve years working in digital media. His areas of expertise include disruptive technologies, tech regulation, financial engineering, and the implications of inequality.

Trevor Noren

Managing Director, 13D Global Strategy & Research

Trevor joined 13D in 2015, after a decade and a half in the tech and media industries. His primary focus is on how the algorithmic revolution is transforming industries, cultures, politics, and financial markets. He has led the firm’s analysis of the escalating backlash against big tech, the tech cold war between China and the U.S., and the meteoric rise of rules-based investing, among many others.

He has consulted with top think tanks, news organizations, and investment firms on emerging themes in technology, bringing expertise on consumer trends, market risks, and global technology policy. His analysis has been featured by The Financial Times, The New York Times, and Bloomberg. Trevor believes that when algorithms coexist in complex systems with the subjectivity and unpredictability of human decision making, unintended consequences result. His aim is to recognize and understand those consequences before they manifest.

Prior to joining 13D, Trevor worked as a reporter in the Bay Area, a technical writer for Google, and a Creative Director for Showtime Networks. His work at Showtime was nominated for four Emmy Awards and an Oscar, among many other industry accolades. His expertise in digital transformation and marketing has been instrumental in guiding 13D’s online presence and marketing initiatives.

Trevor holds a BA in English with Honors in Creative Writing from Brown University, graduating in 2003. He is based in Brooklyn, New York.