13D Rebuilding schools in hurricane hit Virgin Islands

Hurricane Irma and Maria’s impact on the U.S. Virgin Islands was nothing short of devastating. Critical recovery efforts are underway and canvass every dimension of the island community. In support of 13D’s vision to promote education at all levels, the company donated $100K to the University of the Virgin Islands Business School; the funds will be used to assist Dr. Hall, the President of the University, to restore the business school infrastructure and support the faculty’s emergent needs. Additionally, 13D contributed $60K to Antilles School and the Virgin Islands Montessori International Academy to ensure operability of both institutions through this tenuous recovery period. We continue to work closely with the headmasters of both institutions, Liz Morrison and Michael Bornn, to restore both schools to their former level of excellence.


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UVI Rise Relief Fund
Antilles School
Virgin Islands Montessori School