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DeFi is the Future of Finance

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Filmed on June 1, 2021.

Kiril Sokoloff interviews Joey Krug, co-CIO of Pantera Capital, the first money manager in the crypto space. Pantera now manages about $5 billion in the digital assets space with an excellent performance record. Collectively, their eight venture and hedge funds have generated an IRR of 128% in the past eight years. Krug discusses the regulatory outlook on digital assets, the jurisdictions likely to emerge as a go-to place for the tokenization of traditional financial assets, and why the recent sharp correction in crypto is bullish. He also tells us why the “terminal” price of bitcoin could be as high as $700,000 and why he is so excited about DeFi. In Krug's words, "It's the first time someone's building new financial rails. This current system is broken and we have to build a new one. Something like this happens only every couple of hundred years." He adds, "DeFi is only 4% of the cryptocurrency market cap and that there's no reason why it shouldn't be 25%, or 30%, or even higher long-term." Krug also discusses why he believes more of Wall Street has come to like crypto than oppose it, the future of NFTs, central bank digital currencies, risk management, the weighting between bitcoin and Ethereum, and the best sources of information on crypto. Finally, he comments on the coming deflationary events that could vault the price of Ethereum much higher.

A 38-year track record is no guarantee of success, but can you afford to bet against it?

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