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Damaris Colhoun

Managing Director

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Damaris became associated with 13D in 2015, after more than 12 years working in media and investigative journalism.

Her coverage focuses on the internet, digital trends and culture, and the ethics of new technologies. She writes extensively about how Facebook is changing societies and the disruption of traditional media. Her analysis of the backlash against Big Tech and the rise of authoritarianism has been ahead of much of the news cycle. Corporate consolidation, millennials in politics, and labor movements in the U.S. are other trends she studies closely.

As a journalist, Damaris covered the challenges facing her industry. Her investigations, published by Columbia Journalism Review, ranged from deep-dives on major news outlets to exposes of internet trolls and their networks. After receiving the San Paolo Fellowship from Columbia Journalism School, she worked in Italy as a reporter for La Stampa, one of the country's major newspapers, covering politics and culture.

Damaris graduated from Brown University in 2003 with a B.A. in Comparative Literature. In 2013, she earned a Masters in Arts from Columbia Journalism School. She is a recipient of The Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship.

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