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We’ve created this dedicated page for CFA Society of Tampa Bay and your strategy & research needs.

We’ll post content that we believe you’ll find relevant and unique to help you detect change before others in this competitive and volatile environment. Ask us questions, explore the content and delve deep into themes that shape the world today. We’re also offering a group subscription rate to the CFO of Tampa Bay based on a minimum of 10 members subscribing. Contact Jeff Bochenek for pricing and how to take a trial.
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Join 13D at the CFA Society of Tampa Bay when Arvind Sachdeva, Senior Managing Director and key analyst talks about agriculture, commodities, currencies and much more.

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Our most important current themes

  • Peak S&P. Peak big tech. Peak U.S. dollar.
  • Is inflation coming? Are you ready?
  • The markets are too complacent about geopolitical risks and U.S. political uncertainty.
  • If the S&P has peaked and the U.S. dollar heads down, the rest of the world will outperform the S&P.
  • The growing anti U.S. big tech backlash.
  • Why oil prices are headed higher and energy stocks are a buy.
  • Natural gas has experienced one of the worst bear markets in history and is one of the classic contrarian bets.
  • Is gold production peaking?
  • China-U.S. relations—the flashpoint is on advanced weaponry and the leap frogging of China technologically.
  • How the U.S. Congress and America would change if many women win in the 2018 elections.

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About Jeff Bochenek

Jeff recently joined 13D Research. He has spent the past 12 years in Healthcare IT building and leading highly successful sales teams. A successful Sales Executive with extensive experience selling healthcare software solutions into large Integrated Delivery Networks. He has domain expertise in strategic planning, commercializing conceptually new products, channel management, and training and development.

Jeff earned a BA from Bates College.

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