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Lei Yang, CFA

Lei Yang, CFA

Senior Managing Director - Head of China

Lei Yang has been associated with 13D since 2005. He heads up 13D’s China and Asia macro research as well as individual stock selection. Lei has a deep understanding of the Chinese economy and how the Chinese leadership impacts both the economy and the stock markets. Except China, he is also focusing on Asian Geopolitics, Japan, Infrastructure and Innovation.

Lei was instrumental in 13D’s buy signal on the Chinese equity market in October 2012. He also assisted in 13D’s major call to short the yen and buy Japanese equities in October 2012.Lei also serves as the Editor-In-Chief of the Chinese version of What I Learned This Week Lite, an abbreviated version of the full English version of What I Learned This Week.

Lei earned his Master’s Degree in International Business from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Lei is a CFA charterholder.

The investment case for China’s indigenous software and IT industry. The industry will benefit from the escalating trade war, as the government provides stronger intellectual-property (IP) protection and the labor-productivity gap between China’s IT sector and its developed-economy counterparts narrows.

1497 China’s software and IT sector generated total revenue of 6.31 trillion yuan (around $940 billion) in 2018, an increase of 14.2% year-over-year, accor… more

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