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The secular rise of China’s sports industry has just begun. Are you ready?

Chinese people are beginning to devote more time and money to sports, both as a form of entertainment and as a hobby, as they seek ways to improve their health. In 2017, China’s sports industry accounted for a mere 0.94% of the country’s total GDP—far smaller than the 2.7% share in the U.S. According to a document issued by the State Council in October 2014 [国务院46号文, 2014], the Chinese government aims to grow the sports industry to 5 trillion yuan by 2025 (up from 1.35 trillion yuan in 2014), when it will account for over 3% of estimated GDP. The potential room for growth in this budding industry warrants close attention in the years ahead. Marathon races are a good example. Although the…

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