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China’s cost advantage in 5G deployment will be paramount for future growth in the rate of adoption. How to invest?

Similar to China’s establishment of global standards for UHV power transmission infrastructure (explained in WILTW February 14, 2019), China is also becoming an increasingly significant global standard-setter for 5G technology. According to IPlytics, a data-analytics firm, Chinese companies now own 36% of all 5G standard-essential patents, far outpacing the U.S. Huawei alone accounts for 1,970 5G-essential patents, versus Nokia’s 1,471. In contrast, U.S.-based companies, including Qualcomm and Intel, hold only 14% of the world’s 5G standard-essential patents. This underscores why China has a huge vested interest in protecting its intellectual property. Last November, Neil McRae, Chief Archi…

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