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“American companies must step up their efforts, or get left behind.” The U.S. 5G buildout is about to hit high gear. How to invest.

The preceding quote by President Trump in late February characterizes the growing momentum to rapidly build out the nation’s 5G networks. We have tracked the wireless sector for two decades and have authored over a dozen memos on the implications of 5G networks. (For instance, see WILTW May 3, 2018.) Regardless of how the Huawei investigation and the “trade” war play out, the Chinese telecom company will likely remain a minimal presence in the U.S. However, Huawei is considered to be a year ahead of competitors in 5G, and the U.S. is increasingly fearful of falling behind. In response, America is beginning to move mountains to regain 5G leadership, ramping up its infrastructure deployment…

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