What I Learned This Week

The 5G race is heating up. It may be THE MOST IMPORTANT RACE of the next five years! The real China/U.S. trade war will be fought over new technologies.

The T-Mobile/Sprint merger announced this week could accelerate America’s 5G rollout, which is behind in the global race to deploy the technology. The Trump Administration’s restrictions on China’s ZTE Corp are also already disrupting the global telecom-supply chain, hurting certain Western suppliers. In response, China is inviting foreign investors to help build its own world-class semiconductor industry. The developments represent an “opening salvo” in a silent-technology trade war that could quickly escalate. If America’s seven-year trade ban on ZTE expands to Huawei—now under U.S. investigation for violating the Iran sanctions—an all-out tech-trade war could follow. Huawei is a major su…

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