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"Steve Bannon reminded me of…a character from ‘The Big Short.’ He saw the world differently from virtually everyone in his profession, and it led a lot of people to think that he was insane. But he was right and they were wrong, and the rest of the world has yet to come to terms with why."

So writes Michael Lewis in an article published by Bloomberg on February 9, 2018. The article is subtle, but extremely interesting and important. Bannon believes that Trump’s anger is what got him elected, but apparently he doesn’t understand that, which is dangerous for his presidency. The most important theme is Bannon’s belief that “anger and fear is what gets people to the polls” and that the intensity of women’s anger over sexual harassment and lack of gender diversity is now crystallizing into a tsunami that will change American culture, politics, business, government and the workplace. As we wrote in the February 1, 2018 WILTW: “325 female candidates are running for the United States…

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