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Fiber optic stocks are taking off as the global race to deploy 5G wireless networks accelerates. We highlight nine compelling buys now.

Demand for fiber optic cable and related equipment is growing as service operators begin to ramp-up infrastructure investment for the buildout of 5G wireless networks. Fiber optic cable is a key building block for 5G wireless networks—requiring 2x to 6x more fiber than optical cable directly to the home, notes Corning CEO Wendell Weeks. Many promising applications that 5G will deliver—the IoT, autonomous cars, telemedicine, smart grid management—will only work if fiber is deeply and pervasively embedded within the underlying network. 5G will enable $12.3 trillion of global economic output, IHS Markit calculates, with the value chain generating $3.5 trillion in output to support 22 million jo…

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