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Maxed-out telecom networks and surging cloud growth are driving investment into optical network technologies to boost capacity. Cutting-edge suppliers could outperform.

In WILTWs October 22, 2009 and November 20, 2014, we warned wireless bandwidth bottlenecks and a looming shortage of global wireless spectrum threatened a meltdown.  Since 1980, Keck’s Law has driven the number of bits per second transmitted on optical fiber to a 10-million-fold increase—more than the increase in the number of transistors on chips during the same period.  Moore’s Law receives much of the attention.  But, it is the combination of fast electronics and gains in fiber-optic communications that have created modern telecom networks.  However, now Keck’s Law may be ending, just as telecom operators around the world are at the front end of a major investment cycle to upgrade the und…

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