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WHAT I LEARNED THIS WEEK (WILTW) began as a vehicle for 13D Founder and Chairman Kiril Sokoloff to share his vast wealth of knowledge. Sokoloff spends close to eight hours a day reading,  as well as interacting with a global network of experts and clients across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

A life-long learner, Sokoloff has a lot to share, not just insights on the markets and global trends, but the lessons of history, thoughts on health and longevity, and the eternal truths of the great poets, writers, and philosophers.

Over the years, WILTW has morphed from a 2-page document highlighting a handful of themes and ideas into a 40+ page publication covering a wide breadth of topics. Initially, the publication was sent to just a handful of friends. Today, it enjoys a global following.

A global team of 25 analysts are continually probing, searching, questioning and “listening to the street,” all in an effort to guide our readers and help filter today’s continual information assaults.

Part of what makes WILTW so unique is the breadth of topics covered outside of the financial sector, including excerpts from great literature, the lessons of history, two pages of insightful quotes, insights on education and relationships, and cutting-edge developments in personal health, emotional growth and longevity.

Among the themes covered in WILTW?: commodities, currencies, central-bank policies, transformational and disruptive technologies (robotics, 3D printing, genomics, etc.), demographics, political & social trends, energy markets, agriculture & global food security, the rising global burden of debt, credit markets, cyber security risks, the breakdown of trust, gold, water, infrastructure, global security risks, defense/homeland security, inventory destocking cycles, indicators of credit stress, climate change, utilities, transportation, media, the economic and social implications of AI, social media, the future of work, as well as country-specific analyses of China, Japan, India, etc.

WILTW is distributed electronically and accessible by mobile device applications every Thursday.

Clients also have complete access to the 13D library and archives, allowing them to conduct detailed searches of thousands of articles we have written over the last 32 years on a wide range of subjects, themes, industries and companies.


What Are The Markets Telling Us? (WATMTU) is a weekly compilation of chart analysis designed to inform our readers on developing shifts in intermediate- and longer-term market trends. Distributed every Sunday night, WATMTU provides: interpretation of key emerging trends, sector shifts and various inter-market ratios of long/short positions; relative strength measures; and time-sensitive, comprehensive chart and pattern analysis.


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Many of our clients opt for a more personal relationship with Sokoloff and the global 13D Research team. Quarterly or bi-monthly calls can be scheduled to pose questions or glean greater understanding of our current themes or strategies. Analysts are always available to help run down ideas, brainstorm or visit on site with client teams.


Sokoloff and his team host annual invitation-only conferences. The 2-to-3 day meetings cover a broad range of topics, allowing clients to converge with a dynamic mix of thinkers sourced from across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

The Brain Trust draws its strength from the depth and thoughtfulness of many of 13D’s clients—a talent pool we consider among our greatest assets.

13D Research Brain Trust Asia Conference 2014 Highlights